The BoyMom Project

The Boymom Project, provides a safe space for BOYMOMS raising boys of color in today’s society. To discuss our journeys, share quick mom tips and topics affecting our boys from a BOYMOMS perspective.

To be open enough to discuss controversial topics that change our outlook on what is going on with race and gender issues regarding our boys. Share experiences and create new traditions for little black boys to look forward to. Support them emotionally and mentally because that matters too!

Proud Boy Mom of Four

Hi, My name is Tiffany...

Hello, my name Tiffany Haynes and I am a proud mom of 4 boys (3 I birthed and 1 I was gifted upon marriage). Ages 11, 10, 5 and 1 years old. By profession I’ve chosen Human Resources management and look forward to continuing to climb the corporate ladder. Born and raised in Brooklyn, NY (CONEY ISLAND to be exact). I come from a tight knit huge black American family who believes that family comes first.

The Boymom Project is a passion project that derived from strolling pass articles of black men and boys being gunned down for no other reason than being black. I thought that if I read it, it would become real and hurt so bad. In 2010 I gave birth to my first baby boy and have not looked back since. And yes did I “try” for a girl, I did but GOD seen it fit for me to BOYMOM. Every time I heard it’s a boy, I cried tears of joy and pain. Yes, I got to birth 3 different versions of my husband but feared the day I was asked “why does the world think I’m a threat?”. Well no more hiding from strolling down my Facebook or Instagram news feed because it happens more often than not and I need to talk about it.

As an unapologetic girly girl BOYMOM who loves pink (and green hint hint lol) raising boys is messy but never stains my pumps. Breaking into the mom blog world will not be easy but it will be worth it. As a working mom in school that needs my mommy village The Boymom Project serves as a platform for YOU to know you are not alone on this BOYMOM journey. From choosing dark furniture because “my boys will mess it up” quick meals, cleaning tips, capturing beautiful moments and supporting their mental/emotional health. We are raising future young men, professionals and fathers so let’s assist each other on this journey with a touch of class and excellence. So let’s chat, looking forward to sharing my world with you. 



Tiffany Haynes


Boymom Beauty is a unapologetic mom of all boys or a mom who has a son(s). We love the boymom life but are leaders in our careers, queens in our households and our boys hold the key to our heart. Everyday we make magic happen out of nothing because motherhood always comes first.

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