25 things to know about being a B💙YMOM

  1. You are the queen of your household. It feels incredible to be adored, especially when its time to take the groceries in the house or any manual labor.
  2. Your grocery bill will be $$$$ because little boys can eat like grown men.
  3. Little boys are gross, so we have to stock up on Lysol, air freshener, and ammonia.
  4. Baby boy number one may seem hard at first, but by the time you get to baby boy number three, you got this in the bag.
  5. Always look down before sitting on the toilet seat you might just fall in, they ALWAYS forget to put the toilet seat back down.
  6. We value a great pair of comfortable slippers because random legos around the house hurt like hell LOL.
  7. We always keep wipes in our purse because they are bound to make a mess all day and every day.
  8. If you like to drink wine like me, buy fancy plastic wine glasses instead of glass, trust me, you will thank me later.
  9. Invest in a great first aid kit and travel with a small one; the odds are against you if you have three boys. Someone is bound to fall, scrape a knee, or get a cut before lunchtime.
  10. Prepare to have dark furniture for the next 18 years; get rid of any white, beige, cream, or light hues. It’s pretty, but it’s a target for a BIG mess!
  11. We have to be creative; there are only but so many ways to get boys to eat vegetables.
  12. Remember, we can never buy just one of anything (please buy multiples) because if one brother has something the other doesn’t, it will cause World War 3.
  13. We love our BJ’s memberships…….we buy socks and underwear in bulk. Since socks get lost fast, and underwear is the stinkiest item, it’s just safer to buy them in bulk.
  14. We must remember to smile at all times, even when they pick our flowers from our neighbors’ backyard. 
  15. We repeat the same phrases, “say excuse me,” “don’t be nasty,” “pull up your pants,” “put on some underwear,” and “do not burp in my face” at least ten times a day.
  16. We are well aware that when it’s silent, WE MUST ACT FAST. Something has to be going wrong unless they (the boys) are sleeping in a corner somewhere LOL.
  17. A washer and dryer are necessary for our homes; we wash at least five loads a week.  
  18. We must have them memorize a prayer for them to say at the dinner table; do not let them pray freely; you do not know what will come out of their mouths in front of company LOL.
  19. We’ve learned how fearless little boys are; by them standing at the top of the steps and flying off.
  20. We’d love to have a baby girl but refuse to get pregnant again, LOL. She might join the crew and jump off of bunk beds with her brothers.
  21. Mud puddles near light-colored clothes give us anxiety attacks lol
  23. We are expert chefs because, most likely, we have to make three different meals each night.
  24. We don’t know the difference between DC and Marvel; I thought they were all on the same show. 
  25. Last but not least, we must encourage our boys to do the same things we may teach our girls. Such as laundry, putting their clothes away, teaching them how to cook and clean. We MUST always keep a conversation going and continually check on them mentally, physically, and emotionally.

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