To: My White Mommy Friends

Dear My White Mommy friends,

Where are my white mommy friends who told me, my boys are so adorable, you commented (on every social media platform) how precious they are, and you love their smiles!!!!! You said “I’ve never seen such a beautiful baby boy with a head full of gorgeous hair” to my baby boy with what seemed to be coming from a genuine place.

This past Tuesday 5/26/2020, George Floyd lost his life due to a white cop crushing his neck with his knee. While handcuffed face down in the streets of Minneapolis George Floyd, took his last breath on camera. The video is heartbreaking and after watching it, my household will never be the same. Derek Chauvin the officer who killed Floyd, looked into the camera with his hands in his pockets and it felt like he said “F^&% You Black America”. Us black people woke up the next morning NOT OK. Out of over 700 friends on Facebook, my white mommy friends were NO WHERE TO BE FOUND. No more likes or “Hey are you ok?”. When will they hear our cries?? Why are you not saying ANYTHING when another black man dies at the hands of another white cop? Do their lives matter to you???? Yes, I am expecting you to support me as a mom because you are a mom too! And so is Trayvon Martin’s mom, Tamir Rice’s mom, Eric Garner’s mom, Ahmaud Arbery’s mom; shall I continue? I held my boys in my womb for 9 months like you did, felt them kick for the first time like you did with your son and we talked about the mother in laws we’d be to our future daughter in laws. You’ve made them cupcakes for birthday parties, sent gift cards and cheered them on at soccer games……. but I cannot hear you! At work you have walked in on conversations saying “bye Felicia” I guess that was your “way” of relating to me, (should I have noticed it then?) But when I cry, you turn your back! Now is the time to see if you meant what you said when you said you do not see color. Am I expecting too much from my white women “mommy friends”? As the saying goes “Silence is consent” and I cannot hear you! Do you believe what they are saying about us? When you looked at my boys; did you lie in their faces when you said they are amazing? But why have your comments have stopped; I do not hear “Bye Felicia” anymore and suddenly you’ve faded to black

💔 Broken-hearted mother,

Tiffany Haynes

BOYmom of 3 Black boys

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  1. I have seen the same thing with my friends. I would have love to hear all of them say ” I stand with you!, but only a very few have. I will forever be black so I am not sure what happens with the relationships, but I will keep on trucking!!

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