Top 10 BoyMom Must-Haves

Welcome my Boymom Beauties,

Thank you so much for your continued support, now let this journey began! I have listed my top ten must haves as a BOYMOM. These items are essential to me, so I felt the need to share. Please feel free to like, comment and/or share. 

Top MUST HAVES as a busy BOYMOM on the go

1. Something to keep their attention

  • Tablet – Leap frog has a great collection of attention capturing tablets.
  • Ipad – I have an epic books app on their Ipads and they love it. There are several other sites that keep my boys attention like  and . Don’t fogret the headphones! 
  • Favorite toy – toy car, basketball ball, teddy bear or whatever makes them happy. My 4-year old nephew will NOT travel without at least one of his matchbox cars and school bus. 

2. Personal-care to go bag

  • I have a cute stylish black book bag that I carry when traveling with my boys. I keep lotion, wipes, my tide to go instant stain remover and chapstick etc.  I promise it will come in handy 10 minutes after leaving the house.

3. Cleaning products 

  • I use Mrs. Meyers products they are EXCELLENT – Dish soap, toilet cleaner (mandatory must have) and glass cleaner.
  • The magic eraser by Mr. Clean, my walls are light colors and somehow my 1 year old thinks he Picasso… will be gone in less than 10 seconds!
  • Babyganics products work for household as well – their all-purpose surface cleaners are awesome!
  • Dreft and Babyganics worked when they under one and then I started to use Tide free & gentle. 

4. Buy socks/underwear in bulk

  • I asked my followers and one mom said she buys her son the same color socks (black) and that why she always have matching socks…..VERY SMART! I buy sock and underwear because you know socks ALWAYS “disappear” and you could never have enough clean underwear with all boys. 

5. Table mats and Plastic dinnerware

  • BOYS make a mess everywhere they go especially my kitchen table! In order to keep my table presentable, during any meal, they must use placemats and plastic dinnerware! You can get them from a dollar store or spend a few more dollars at pottery barn kids (you can even personalize them)
  • Plastic dinnerware is easy to wash and super cute! They do not break, and my kids love them because they come in animal shapes. I got plastic dinnerware from target the kid collections (I love the Sage Spoonful brand)

6. Mini vacuum

  • On amazon, FUJIWAY has an affordable and powerful mini vacuum for all the messes boys make in my car. It saves me at least twice a week

7. Storage for kid’s rooms

  • EVERY parent knows the struggle that comes along with kids keeping their rooms clean. My tips are organization is KEY. I use storage bins for EVERYTHING their toys, shoes and homework areas. It saves me half the time. 

8. First aid kits

  • Walmart sells a compact first aid kits that you can put in your to-go bag with band aids, gauze pads and more. At home I use the Ouchies Sea friendz, first aid kit for kids its 50 pieces and comes in a cute bag. 

9. Play area in your home

  • Some of us may not have extra rooms to give our children a separate playroom, NY is not built that way! But we should give the boys a space to be BOYS. My kids have a play area in my apartment with their video games, trampoline and indoor basketball hoop. It gives them space to play and not break anything in my living room. OMG, there is a cute tent on amazon that I’m waiting to be delivered.

10. Snacks on the go

  • My go to snacks options are popcorn, oatmeal cookies, fresh fruit, trail mix and cookies. I do not let my boys drink sugary juices or soda so I pack their water bottles! I put my munchkins stainless snack catchers for my toddler and Ziploc storage containers for my 2 older boys!

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